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Dog Inn F.C - Club History

The current Dog Inn FC was founded on Sunday 11 March 2001 - at 5pm, to be precise. I remember that sunny afternoon well; I had made one of my rare excursions from The Dog to The Swan to watch my beloved West Ham lose to Tottenham Hotspur in the FA Cup quarter-finals. Chris "Amtrak" Lowe, who sadly passed away in 2006, had been telling me about how a group of "veteran" footballers were looking to start a team based at The Dog Inn. He told me that, given my football management experience, my name had been put forward as a possible manager.

On our return to The Dog, we met up with Tom Hardwick, whose idea it was to set up the club. Tom asked me if I would become manager, adding that I already knew some of the players - himself, "Amtrak" and John Atherton - and would soon get to know the likes of Martin McShane, Riccardo Marchi and Chris Horrocks. As Tom spoke to me, I thought back to my time with 7.2 Casuals and Vodsoc; I had always believed that my best days in football lay ahead of me and this, I felt - no, I knew -was that opportunity. Without hesitation, I said "yes" and set about the task of gaining entry to the local Harry Dewhurst Memorial League. Our acceptance into the league in June 2001 made it official: Dog Inn FC was born!

Our first challenge was to expand a somewhat ageing six or seven-a-side team into a squad of players that included local youngsters. A real team effort ensured that we did just that and, after a busy pre-season campaign, we were ready for our first season in competitive football.

Given that most of the teams in our division and, indeed, the entire league had been together as a unit for some time, it was perhaps unsurprising that the first few years were something of a struggle in terms of results. Even so, there were some special moments, not least our stirring comeback from 0-3 down at half-time to beat Hamilton Arms 5-4 for our first ever win on Sunday 23 September 2001. Whilst I vividly recall the enormity of what we did that day, most of the people involved in that game tend to remember the day more for the tears of joy - and relief - that I shed at the end of that game! To be honest, remembering it now still brings a lump to my throat and I can reel off our team from that day as easily if the game had been played today:

Carter; Lowe, Hardwick (c), Trickett, Jay (P Noone); Andrews (Sullivan), McShane, Horrocks, C West (Cullis); Marchi, Atherton. SCORERS: McShane 2, Cullis 2, Atherton.

After three seasons in Division 3, predominated by struggle but nonetheless with many positives, we took our place in the second division of a revamped league ahead of the 2004-5 season. We were to finish seventh out of the twelve teams and, once again, go out of the cup at the first attempt. However, beneath the surface, things were really starting to bubble.

Simon Kerins

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