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14th July 2012 (by email)

Posted By : Welf

What can I say about the open mic night at The Dog?

For me as a newcomer and very average wannabe guitarist the whole experience has been very positive. The event is well organised. The atmosphere is inviting and the audience very generous. The house band is professional and even more importantly they are very happy to help you along the way. There are no big egos.

Knowing what I know now I only wished I had starting coming a lot sooner!

Cheers Welf


11th July 2012 (by email)

Posted By : Olivia Archbold

I really enjoyed the Open Mic night at The Dog Inn, Whalley. Met a great friendly bunch of people. I look forward to returning on the first Thursday in September to get together and perform with the guys from the band.
Olivia Archbold


9th July 2012 (The Dog Inn Facebook Page)

Posted By : Joseph Wilkins

I love the Dog Inn's open mic night because it feels like an intimate gig, it's well run by decent musicians who make it fair for everyone who wants to play


6th July 2012 (The Dog Inn Facebook Page)

Posted By : Ian Francis (MU Member)

I went along again to see the open mike night at the Dog Inn at Whalley on Thurs 5th July to see how things were progressing. The wide, varied and generally high level of musical ability was an absolute pleasure to see (& hear). I understand the open-mic night has been running for 2 years in this format at this venue and it gets better and better with a very pleasent and inclusive atmosphere.
It's very encouraging to see the growth of live music at this venue and I'm sure it's a big positive for everyone involved. Thanks for a great night. Recommended.
Ian Francis (MU Member)


04 May 2012 (North West Bands - Website)

Old Dog Inn Jam Night - Whalley

Posted By : Junction 31

Another packed evening

Seen all the other blogs on the website for last nights jam night . It's an excellent,well run evening ,with a very large appreciative audience.Great,friendly atmosphere . All standards and levels are welcomed and received. Very,very popular, so it maybe a good idea to move the start time to 8.00pm to accommodate everyone.

Cheers Phil
Junction 31


04 May 2012 (North West Bands Website)

The Dog Inn Whalley - Open Mic night

Posted By : Trinity

Give it a go!

WE played the last one on the 5th of April, and have to say its a great night, with real friendly musicians and punters, we would definately make the journey up there again.
keep it up guys & gals!



04 May 2012 (North West Bands Website)

Dog Inn Open Mic Last Night

Posted By : INCIDERS | Comments : 2

The Best Jam Night In The Northwest

Last Night At The Dog Inn Whalley for The Jam Night, again another packed house with bands coming from all over the Northwest to support The Dog House Band. We would like to thank the organisers of this evening which is the first thursday of every month. All musicians are very welcome any genre of music played and i will guarentee you that you will come back.


Posted by Trinity - 04/05/2012, 12:49 (GMT)
Yeah well said, and a big thankyou to Dirk for stepping up to the drumming stool for us.


Posted by The Cottonhouse Shakers - 04/05/2012, 16:06 (GMT)
The second best ;-) (but I would say that!)

For variety, it is excellent! I had a great time when I went.


04 May 2012 (North West Bands Website)

Last night at the Dog Inn Whalley

Posted By : VAMIKA

Another great night

Just like to give you guys a big thank you for another great night, great crowd and of course some fantastic musicians :) Just gets better. Looking forward to the next one :)


04 May 2012 (North West Bands Website)

The Dog Inn - Whalley - Open Mike Night

Posted By : NW Music Manics | Comments : 2

I would definitely recommend - first Thursday of the month.

What a fantastic night, great atmosphere and lots of different types of bands singing last night.

If you have never been get yourself down for a fantastic night - Land Lord/Land Lady friendly and bar staff too. I have been twice now - First Thursday of the month 9pm onwards - I would definitely recommend going!


Posted by SDR - 04/05/2012, 11:46 (GMT)

same here SDR went last night and thought it was a really great night can't wait to play there again

Posted by NWF - 04/05/2012, 11:59 (GMT)

went to the Mic Night in April and it was a great night then. Hopefully get there for the June one.


4th May 2012 (The Dog Inn Facebook Page)

Posted By : Max Anderson-Hopkins (Drummer - Then, Now, Tomorrow)

Hi everyone, I would just like to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU on behalf of myself, Kes Anderson-Hopkins, Jaime Zombie-Kitteh Marie and Chris Grimshaw as well as everyone else that supported us at The Dog Inn, Whalley tonight!! It was an awesome performance and it wouldn't have been the same without all who attended and enjoyed our performance!! :D

Thanks again!!

Max Anderson-Hopkins
Drummer - Then, Now, Tomorrow


10th April 2012 (by email)

Emailed By : Robin Fitzpatrick

Hello, my friend and I had a great time at the Open Mic last week (we played the guitar/banjo), unfortunately we had to leave half way through Vamika's set.

Thanks again for a great night in a really nice pub.

Hope to come back.



06 Apr 2012 (North West Bands Website)

Easter OMN @ The Dog Inn - Whalley

Posted By : Trinity

Great night!

So myself and Steve finally made the journey up to Whalley for a bit of a bash!
minus the legendary skin basher Mr "G"

What a great night we had all the guys who oganized it made us feel very welcome and helped us out with the gear Ian and friends, sorry I did not get to know the chap who introduced us and sorted Steve out with an amp, but you know who you are!

A big thankyou goes out to "Dirk" of INCIDERS who stepped in to drum for us, did a sterling job as well, many thanks Dirk, good luck with the gigs this weekend.

And to MAGS nice to meet you finally, and everybody who turned out, probably the largest crowd we have played to? we always get "oh you should of been here last week it was packed!
one day guys, one day!

All the best to all BNW who are out there this weekend& happy Easter.

John & Steve


09 Dec 2011 (North West Bands Website)

Weather too bad for Doggin?

Posted By : Ramones1234 | Comments : 1

They're made of stern stuff round here you know!

The OMN/Jam at the Dog Inn Whalley last nite was a BLAST! I was certain it'd be a quiet one - awful weather, and a couple of weeks before Xmas (in case you hadn't noticed!) - how wrong was I?!!

Place was heaving with musicians playing, musicians watching and people who like music (and maybe a pint too!).
Young chap (maybe 12-ish) playing Shadows stuff VERY well, that I've heard before extended style and rep to some cracking Lynrd Skynrd - nice one!
Ska/Reggae too - always brightens a night for me.
EVEN YOUNGER chap on a 1/4 size double bass (yes you read it right!) got the house band to back him on some rock'n'roll, but proved he could play to almost anything with some blues and rock too.
Excellent acoustic duo included some comic songs - they were called something like 'Mr Popper's Penguins'...well it began with a 'P'...
Keyboards fronted band, and a great voice did U2 and some Paul Weller amongst others.
Super solo singer guitarist
A sort of 'teachest percussion' player who was backed doing slightly more 'acoustic sounding' versions - then some rather more loud stuff.
Probably a load more I can't exactly recall(sorry), and finished off with some Xmassy songs!.....
It was flippin non-stop from before 9pm to after midnight.

I had a couple of pints or so, played guitar, managed to squeeze a couple in on bass - and went home with a big grin - just what a good Jam should be.

Once a month, generally 1st Thursday in the month. I'll be there!



Posted by NW Music Manics - 14/12/2011, 16:13 (GMT)

Went to the OMN in November @ The Dog Inn, Whalley - what a fantastic night would recommend to any musician/band to go.


08 Dec 2011 (North West Bands Website)

Go Doggin Tonight

Posted By : INCIDERS | Comments : 1

OMN at the Dog Inn Whalley !

Sing a song , jam along whatever , come early to book slot . As our drummer will be beating the skins all night with the house band we'll grab him around 9 for a set with The Inciders . See you later


Posted by Ramones1234 - 09/12/2011, 10:30 (GMT)

Only just got back on here to see this after the event....BUT what a bloody cracking night it was!!


04 Nov 2011 (North West Bands Website)

Dog Inn open mic night

Posted By : The Cottonhouse Shakers | Comments : 4

Whalley last night

Due to a lack of live music currently in Darwen on a Thursday evening a few of us ventured over to The Dog Inn in Whalley for their weekly open mic night. The Dog Inn is a good pub with a choice of real ales all kept in good condition...I should write for Whitch Ale magazine! hehe.

Anyway the open mic night was very good and very very busy. Everything from a young (and I mean young) lad playing The Shadows to a more mature (shall we say) pianist playing jazz swing standards. A bit of Lady Ga Ga, and an excellent set from NWB's 'The Bitter Pils' and a touch of Hank Williams from me made the whole evening a very pleasurable experience indeed.

Thanks to the organisers and to the staff at The Dog Inn.


Posted by Ramones1234 - 04/11/2011, 18:52 (GMT)

I was away with work and missed this month...Don't rub it in!!!!

It's usually a REALLY interesting mix of styles and tunes - anything goes (erm..don't actually recall anyone doing that one...) pleased to hear last night was a good one - even if I was stuck in a hotel in Solihull....

Posted by WIND OF CHANGE - 04/11/2011, 20:27 (GMT)

It was a great night thanks to everyone who came. Gary we need more songs from you next time.

Dog House Band

Posted by The Bitter Pils - 15/11/2011, 13:15 (GMT)

We had a great night. The place was packed which made for a fantastic atmosphere - The Bitter Pils will be at the next event for sure.

Posted by THE DOG INN, WHALLEY - 14/12/2011, 20:35 (GMT)

Thank you for coming, next open mic is Thurs 5th January... Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


04 Mar 2011 (North West Bands Website)

What A Great Night

Posted By : INCIDERS | Comments : 1

Last Night At The Dog Whalley

We would like to thank the Dog House Band for letting us use your gear it was a brilliant night. lots of good talant there
it as to be one of the best jam nights around.

Posted by Ramones1234 - 30/03/2011, 20:09 (GMT)

Really friendly jam!! Only found the Dog Jam the time before last, and nearly didn't take an instrument as at other jam nites you struggle to get a go at all. Said 'hello' and asked if there was a chance to 'sit in' with the house band as I was on my own, no band, not even the dog! Wasn't a problem, given a choice of stuff to join in with etc - GREAT! No ego's either. I have to disagree strongly with the comment of not being 'open' or welcoming, as I recall musicians being asked to make themselves known 'even if they play the spoons'...

So, take along your spoons and join in! At any other jam, if I'd been able to play 4 songs, I'd have been made up. Just getting back into playing after years of nothing at all, so for me it was great. Don't moan, say hello, ask for a go, buy a pint and wait your turn. Simples!

Looking forward to Thur 7 April.  


05 Nov 2010 (North West Bands Website)

What a fantastic night


Last night at the Dog Whalley

Hi the Dog House Band would like to say thanks to Amy, Dave, and Damien (VAMIKA) .great band
The Opera singers yes real Opera singers for an excellent performance and all the rest of the musicians’ and singers and everyone else who supported us.
The next one is a Christmas special on the 16th December so put it in your diary.


11 Feb 2011 (North West Bands Website)

Whalley Rocked Last Night

Posted By : WIND OF CHANGE | Comments : 1

At The Dog

Whalley rocked last night at the Dog Inn with the DOG HOUSE BAND then the JETS a girl fronted band from Blackpool playing modern covers, the unmistakable sound of SKA & Reggae from the notorious INCIDERS plus contributions from musicians and singers even Steve Davies the snooker player was there but he did not sing.
The Dog must be the best Jam/open mic night around.
P.S. Can Ian guitarist from Reed get in touch thanks.


Posted by Ramones1234 - 30/03/2011, 20:16 (GMT)

Only just found NW Bands, so although rather late seems worth commenting! Had a great night for a 1st time there for me. Enjoyed all the musician's contributions, I'm guessing 'Jets' was the woman with the cracking voice, Ska/Reggae bit was ace, though not what I'd normally listen too...well maybe a bit of BMW...

Good one!


06 Aug 2010 (North West Bands Website)

What a great Jam Night

Posted By : WIND OF CHANGE | Comments : 1

At The Dog Last Night

What a great night we had last night at the Dog Inn Whalley,To say it’s only the second one we have done. It seemed to go well and I would like to thank all the people that turned up to participate and apologise for anyone who didn’t get a chance to perform but I didn’t expect so many musicians we will try to get it right the next time on the 02.09.10 I hope you can make it .


Posted by Bass-tard - 06/08/2010, 20:47 (GMT)
It was a good crack, let me know if you ever need help with setting it up and if I can I will help out.